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S3 Yesoul Smart Indoor Cycle White

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    YESOUL Smart bike

    - Magnetic resistance

    - Silent riding

    - App Bluetooth connection

    - 100 gear resistance adjustment

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    The choice of the three authoritative institutions is obvious to all

    - Fitness brand with red dot award YESOUL-V1

    - National cycling team training vehicle YESOUL-V1

    - Won the gold award of China good design YESOUL-V1

    Pure Magnetic Resistance System

    Magnetic resistance is generated by multiple high quality intensity Magnet through a magnetic plate providing infinite levels of resistance. The closer the magnet is to the flywheel, the heavier the pedal resistance will be. Virtually stable, silent and low maintenance compared with traditional felt wool pad tension device.

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    Magnetic resistance plus belt drive and quiet and smooth riding

    Abandoning the traditional friction mode of brake pad, the magneticcontrol resistance system has no friction and avoids the brake sound.

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    Magnetic resistance system

    Clean - Strong magnetic induction clean resistance without physical friction contact.
    Quiet - Through eddy current mag netoresistance to produce resistance, smooth and silent.
    Smooth - The resistance is uniform smooth and stable, bringing bionic riding experience.

    Frictional resistance system

    Produce dander and dust easy to inhale into the lungs during exercise.
    Friction produces noise.
    The resistance varies from big to small, causing a sense of frustration when riding.

    Belt drive

    High strength Weigel rubber belt makes riding smoother, And there's no friction sound.

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    100 section magnetic control resistance and it's easy to find the intensity you want

    Accurate collection of 0–100 resistance value, easy to control the strength, To achieve better sports effect.

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    Multi Grip Handlebar & Bluetooth connection

    Multiple handlebar positions offer you different riding postures, highly improve your body's coordination. Durable Vinyl handlebar is much more comfortable and anti-skid than common foam.

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    Configuration of mobile wheel makes it easier to move

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    - The moving roller will go as soon as it is pushed

    - Anti perspiration and anti rust technology of piano body

    - ABS flame retardant plastic has no odor and is more environmentally friendly

    - More comfortable cushion

    - It is convenient to replenish water in time

    - Safe foot, anti-skid not afraid of exerting force

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    Spare parts list

    - Frame

    - Armrest pipe

    - Plate support

    - Left and right pedals

    - Front and rear foot tubes

    - Tool tray

    Note: the flat plate needs to be powered on continuously and the power socket is at the rear under the frame.

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    - Magnetic resistance and silent belt drive provide a quiet, smooth ride.

    - 100-level resistance adjustment to customize your training intensity.

    - With a bracket to hold your device, allowing you to enjoy exercise and music at the same time.

    - BT4.0 connection synchronizes your sports data to mobile App.

    - Adjustable seat height and handlebar positions suit different users' needs. Fits user height 150 - 188cm, max. load 120kg.

    - Cage pedals prevent slipping and give more support while riding.

    - Water bottle holder allows you to replenish water in time.

    - Handy transport wheels make it convenient to move the trainer.

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    - Bracket placement size: The maximum width is 260mm

    - Product Size: 101cm*51cm*116.5cm

    - Package Size: 105*94*25.5cm

    - Floor size: 101cm*51cm*116.5cm

    - CMB/CTN: 0.252

    - Color: white

    - Kind of drive: Belt drive

    - Product Net Weight: 36kg

    - Product Gross Weight: 31kg

    - Load: 120kg

    - Applicable height: 150-188cm

    - Flywheel weight: 7.5kg

    - Connectable devices: Smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth4.0 and above

    - Power supply:Button battery (model CR2477)

    - Software support version: Ios, Android Android 5.o and above

    - Resistance system: Magnetron resistance system

    - Resistance model: Magnetic resistance

    - App name: Yesoul sport

    - Max support: 280lbs